Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The necessities are a portable power supply and a method to connect the power supply to your CPAP machine.

Power Supply

We offer the EXP48PRO (2-3 nights) and the EXP96PRO (4-6 nights).

Connection Method

Connect to your EXP PRO battery through the DC power cord made for your specific CPAP machine.

The EXP48PRO is allowed, and the EXP96PRO is not. Up to two EXP48PRO batteries can be brought with you in your carry-on luggage. The FAA regulations limit is 160 watt hours (Wh), the EXP48PRO only contains 153.6 Wh per battery.

FAA Lithium Battery Regulations

EXP PRO batteries are compatable with the AirMini, AirSense 10, DreamStation Auto, System One, and more.

Most CPAP machines include a DC charging cable that makes it possible to power the CPAP machine from a 12v car socket. You'll need a DC power cable to connect your CPAP machine to your EXP PRO battery. If you don't have one of these cables, take a look at the replacement options on our store.

Wall outlet, 12v car socket, Type-C port:

EXP48PRO: 3 hours

EXP96PRO: 8.5 hours

Charging with EXP PRO 60 watt Solar Panel:

EXP48PRO: 6 +/- hours

EXP96PRO: 12 +/- hours

A built-in inverter may seem like the way to go for convenience, but an inverter will use a significant amount of the battery's power to convert DC power to AC power.  This then has to be converted back to DC power for the CPAP machine to run. Additionally, if the inverter fails, the battery is no good. Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Estimated CPAP Run Times
Machine Pressure EXP48PRO EXP96PRO
AirMini 8 20 hours 40 hours
AirMini 12 18 hours 36 hours
AirMini 16 14 hours 28 hours
AirSense 10 6-8 16 hours 32 hours
AirSense 10 10-12 14 hours 28 hours
AirSense 10 14-16 10 hours 20 hours
DreamStation 6-8 18 hours 36 hours
DreamStation 10-12 15 hours 30 hours
DreamStation 14-16 11 hours 22 hours
System One 6-8 18 hours 36 hours
System One 10-12 15 hours 30 hours
System One 14-16 11 hours 22 hours
Run times assume a DC power cord (not an inverter) is connecting the CPAP machine to the EXP PRO Battery & humidity/heated hose are turned off.