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EXP PRO is a battery manufacturer based in the Pacific Northwest nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains. We have many options for outdoor adventures here in the PNW and we find great pleasure in offering what we feel is the perfect battery solution to accompany any of these adventures.  Likewise, our EXP PRO line of products offers the most advanced lithium power for any adventure you want to undertake.Our mission is to provide excellent quality products at the best price and ensure all our customers are satisfied with their decision to invest in products that will meet and exceed user expectations. There are many options when it comes to lithium power for your personal electronic needs, but an EXP PRO battery bank is designed to provide the longest, safest and most reliable power on the market. Thank you for visiting us!


Mike - Innovator, coffee extraordinaire

Mike is an industry business leader with over 20 years of experience in health innovation and product development, but something you might not expect is his ability to make a darn good latte.  When he isn't busy at EXP PRO HQ, Mike can be found exploring the Great Pacific Northwest, starting a new DIY renovation project, or spending time with family.

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