EXP48PRO Battery (CPAP DC Cord Included)
EXP48PRO Battery (CPAP DC Cord Included)
EXP48PRO Battery (CPAP DC Cord Included)
EXP48PRO Battery (CPAP DC Cord Included)
EXP48PRO Battery (CPAP DC Cord Included)
EXP48PRO Battery (CPAP DC Cord Included)
EXP48PRO Battery (CPAP DC Cord Included)
EXP48PRO Battery (CPAP DC Cord Included)
EXP48PRO Battery (CPAP DC Cord Included)
EXP48PRO Battery (CPAP DC Cord Included)
EXP48PRO Battery (CPAP DC Cord Included)
EXP48PRO Battery (CPAP DC Cord Included)
EXP48PRO Battery (CPAP DC Cord Included)
EXP48PRO battery pictured with the Transcend Mini EZ CPAP machine

EXP48PRO Battery (CPAP DC Cord Included)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Lawrence Stead
CPAP freedom

At last i can enjoy thunderstorms without fear of having my sleep ruined by an electrical outage. A first class product, easy to use and incredibly reassuring for those of us who can’t sleep properly with a CPAP.


Followed the instructions to shut off the humidifier and put it in airplane mode. I got two nights on one charge.


Yes, we received the unit And got it up to full charge. To be honest with you. I have not used it with my CPAP machine yet because we got this for power outages back up. When I do use it though, I will let you know. Thank you.

Joseph Dahlke
So far. So good.

I haven't had it long but I love the pass though technology.

bo barnes
great battery, great company

Very informative and supportive employee that I talked to. Ordered the battery immediately. Of course it was expensive but the customer service was the BEST and the battery performs well powering my CPAP/


  • The perfect CPAP battery for camping and travel
  • Lightweight, only 3.25 pounds
  • Compatible with most CPAP machines
  • Provides 2-3 nights of sleep on a single charge (Without humidifier and heated tubing turned on)
  • TSA-compliant for airline travel
  • Utilizes pass-through technology to be used as a backup power source
  • Recharges 3 hours faster than similar batteries
  • Engineered with LiFeP04, a premium lithium technology
  • High-tech battery management system for safe charging
  • HSA & FSA eligible
  • IP65 Rating - Ingress Protection of 6 and 5: 6 - Totally protected against dust 5 - Protected against low-pressure jets of water from all directions, limited ingress permitted.


You'll love the EXP48PRO. the premier CPAP battery backup designed specifically for the outdoor enthusiast. Whether you're camping under the stars or embarking on a rugged off-grid journey, the EXP48PRO guarantees that your CPAP therapy remains uninterrupted.

The battery system weighs in at only 3.25 pounds and provides a restful 2-3 nights’ sleep on a single charge with comfort features (heated hose and humidifier) turned off.

The EXP48PRO is silent, sleek in design, and offers an array of functional features. Such as 2 built-in USB ports, a Type-C port for input and output (you can charge the battery here too), a high discharge rate power port capable of 15 amps, and multiple ways to recharge (AC/DC/Solar).  

Works with Resmed Airsense 11, Resmed Airsense10/Aircurve10/Airstart 10, Resmed S9, Resmed AirMini, Dreamstation, Dreamstation 2, Dreamstation Go, Resvent iBreeze, Respironics System One, Breas Z1/Z2, Luna G3 and others.

Items Included

Curious how long our battery will run your CPAP machine?

Try our CPAP runtime calculator

EXP PRO batteries can be recharged 4 different ways:

-AC power (Standard wall outlet) - Included
-DC power (Car 12v socket, other batteries) - Included
-Solar panel (We recommend the EXP PRO 60 Watt Solar Panel
-Type-C port - Use PD charger for faster charging 

Connecting To Your CPAP

The EXP48PRO includes the DC power cord that connects the battery to your CPAP machine.  Please be sure to select the correct cord for your machine when ordering. 

Since any inverter, either built into the battery, or a stand-alone item consumes a fair amount of power we recommend using the DC power cord.

cpap battery diagram

● Battery Cell Chemistry: LiFePO4
● Capacity: 154Wh/12.8Ah @ 12V
● Lifecycles: Up to 5,000
● Dimensions: 1.6" x 6" x 8.2"
● Weight: 3.25 pounds
● Warranty: 2 years
● Ports: 1 DC, 2 USB, and 1 USB-C
● Charge Time: 3.5 Hours
● TSA Approved: 154Wh
● Port covers keep out unwanted dirt & moisture

Capacity: 153.6-Watt Hours (Wh)/12.8 Amp Hours (Ah) @12V / 48,000 MilliAmp Hours (mAh) @ 3.2V.
Main DC Round Output Power Port: 12V@10A Continuous/15A Peak (5Min)

Type C Input DC: 5V@3A / 9V@3A / 15V@3A / 20V@2.25A.

Type C Output DC: 5V@3A/9V@3A/12V@3A/ 15V@3A /20.3V@3A

USB 1 DC Output: 5V@2.4A.

USB 2 DC Output: 3.6V-6.5V@3A / 6.5V-9V@2A / 9-12V@1.5A

Up to two of the EXP48PRO batteries can be brought with you in your carry-on luggage. The FAA regulations state the limit is 160 watt hours (Wh), and the EXP48PRO only contains 153.6 Wh per battery.

Please check current FAA regulations and the individual airline rules prior to airline travel. Do not put EXP PRO batteries or any other lithium batteries or devices containing lithium batteries in checked baggage of any type. If allowed by FAA regulations and individual airline rules only take in carry-on baggage.

FAA Lithium Battery Regulations

The major airlines list rules for lithium batteries on their websites.

All orders will be shipped within 1 business day of order receipt unless you are notified otherwise.  All orders through EXP PRO are free of shipping charge.  Since this a Lithium battery, we are only allowed to ship via ground transportation using Fedex shipping.


Have used this battery as well as its bigger brother. It is a powerful yet fairly light unit. It recharges in about 2.5 hrs after 1/2 depletion. I can get at least 2 nights (14 hrs) use with my Resmed 10 without the humidifier or heated hose activated. I got 5-6 nights with the larger battery without humidifier and heated hose. Overall, happy with this and would recommend.


I had purchased some batteries in the past and I wasn't too happy with them. I decided to give it one more shot and I bought this one. This battery is amazing! It lasts a while and doesn't take that long to fully charge. My machine works perfectly while it is plugged in and I can use it for about 2 nights before I need to charge it. I'm so happy I finally found a battery I like.

Vanessa A.

I live in Florida so I wanted to buy a battery to use in case of a hurricane. I looked around and finally decided on this one. I charged it once I received it and hooked it up to my machine to see how it would work. My machine worked the whole night without interruptions and I was even able to hook up my machine to it the next night as well. This battery is definitely worth the price!

Jorge S.

Big capacity, but small size and weight when compared to sim I tested this and I was able to get 3.5...nights of 7-8 hours of sleep with the Z2 running at 13-14 hg pressure. Hopefully after a few uses the battery will get 4 complete nights, as batteries tend to not be full capacity until they get used a few times. Overall I'm satisfied and I'm thinking of getting a second one for an extended remote camping trip to power camera battery recharging equipment.