EXP240PRO + 100 Watt Solar Panel Bundle
EXP240PRO Front View
EXP240PRO + 100 Watt Solar Panel Bundle
EXP240PRO view of small Anderson plug
Up close view of large Anderson plug on the EXP240PRO CPAP battery
EXP240PRO screen reading out battery voltage and amperage as well as the current charge capacity
The M8 terminals on the EXP PRO CPAP Battery
EXP240PRO with USB ports and cigarette lighter port
EXP240PRO top view with all ports showing
EXP240PRO with 10AH power charger
two EXP240PRO batteries connected in parallel
EXP240PRO + 100 Watt Solar Panel Bundle
EXP240PRO + 100 Watt Solar Panel Bundle
EXP240PRO + 100 Watt Solar Panel Bundle
EXP240PRO + 100 Watt Solar Panel Bundle
EXP240PRO + 100 Watt Solar Panel Bundle
EXP240PRO + 100 Watt Solar Panel Bundle
EXP240PRO + 100 Watt Solar Panel Bundle
EXP240PRO + 100 Watt Solar Panel Bundle
EXP240PRO + 100 Watt Solar Panel Bundle

EXP240PRO + 100 Watt Solar Panel Bundle

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  • Compatible with most CPAP machines
  • Provides 10-14 nights of sleep on a single charge.  2-3 nights of CPAP power with humidifier and heated tubing turned on
  • Utilizes pass-through technology to be used as a backup power source
  • Recharges in only 6 hours, faster than similar batteries
  • Engineered with LiFeP04, a premium lithium technology
  • High-tech battery management system for safe charging
  • Runs silently
  • Easy carry handle
  • HSA & FSA eligible

Battery is also capable of powering:

Refrigerator, heated blanket, blender, coffee maker, fans, coolers, 12v trolling motor, & much more!

EXP240PRO Details

The EXP 240 PRO LiFePO4 CPAP Battery is a high-tech yet easy-to-use battery backup system designed to work with most CPAP / BIPAP machines and other electronic devices. The battery bank provides a restful 10-14 night’s sleep on a single charge with heated hose and humidifier turned off.

The EXP240PRO stands out with it's silent operation, innovative design, and an impressive suite of functional features. This 12V 60Ah LiFePo4 Battery is engineered with a Battery Management System (BMS), ensuring durability with up to 5000 life cycles. It features a 12V-10A port, providing 10-14 nights of CPAP power, alongside both small and large Anderson ports for versatile connectivity. Equipped with built-in MPPT, it supports solar panel charging via the small Anderson plug (12-24V/4.2A), ensuring efficient energy intake.

The device also includes a 12V 30A M8 terminal and integrated USB ports for additional power needs. An LED display indicates voltage and amperage in real-time, while the inclusion of a 14.6V10A power charger offers lightning-fast 6-hour recharging capabilities. With an IP65 waterproof rating and a 5-year warranty, this battery is a reliable power source for a wide range of applications.

Works with Resmed Airsense 11, Resmed Airsense10/Aircurve10/Airstart 10, Resmed S9, Resmed AirMini, Dreamstation, Dreamstation 2, Dreamstation Go, Resvent iBreeze, Respironics System One, Breas Z1/Z2, Luna G3 and others.

EXP PRO Summit 100 Solar Panel Details

The EXP PRO Summit 100 Watt Solar Panel is the most effective folding 100-watt panel on the market, measuring just 16” x 14” x 1” when folded. After extensive testing, we confidently assert that you won't find a better option, especially for the price.

Compact and highly portable, the EXP PRO 100 Watt Solar Panel is engineered to efficiently charge the EXP240PRO Battery.

Our extensive testing has confirmed that this is the most versatile solar panel solution for charging any power station with a Small Anderson type plug.  The panel outputs 18-22 volts, a higher voltage essential for efficient battery charging in various conditions. The 100W monocrystalline solar cells boast a high conversion efficiency of 23.5%.

The EXP PRO Solar Panel is waterproof and high-temperature resistant, ensuring durability in diverse environments.

Items Included

  • EXP240PRO Battery 

  • Power Charger 14.6V10A (Fast 6 Hour Charging)

  • User Manual (click to view)

  • 12V DC Charger

  • EXP PRO Summit 100 Solar Panel

  • 6' DC charging cord with small Anderson plug

EXP PRO batteries can be recharged 3 different ways:

-AC power (Standard wall outlet & charger) - Included
-Solar panel (We recommend the EXP PRO 60 Watt Solar Panel
-M8 terminals

 Connecting to Your CPAP

The EXP240PRO includes the DC power cord that connects the battery to your CPAP machine.  Please be sure to select the correct cord for your machine when ordering. 

Since any inverter, either built into the battery, or a stand-alone item consumes a fair amount of power we recommend using the DC power cord. 

Solar Panel Specifications:

Weight: 6.4 pounds 

Panel Folded Dimensions: 14.2” x 15.9” x 1” 

Panel Open Dimensions: 74.8” x 15.9” x .2”

Solar Cell Type: Monocrystalline (high efficiency)

DC interface: 20V, 3.3A -7.0A

Power: 100 Watt

Warranty: 24 months

Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate

Capacity: 768-Watt Hours (Wh)/60 Amp Hours (Ah) @ 12V/240,000 MilliAmp Hours (mAh) @ 3.2V.


M8 Terminal: 12V @ 60Ah

Big Anderson: 12V @ 60Ah

Main DC Round Output Power Port: 12V@10A Continuous/15A Peak (5Min)

Type C Output: 5V@3A/9V@3A/12V@2.5A

USB DC Output: 5V@3A/9V-2A/12V-1.5A


M8 Terminal: 14.6V @ 30A

Big Anderson: 14.6V @ 30A

Small Anderson: 20V @ 4A (Solar Support MPPT)


Full Charge Time: 6 Hrs.

Dimensions: 8.5" x 7" x 8"

Weight: 16.5 lbs.

The EXP240PRO contains 768 Wh per battery. According to current FAA regulations this does not allow it to be brought aboard airline flights, checked or carry on baggage.

Do not put EXP PRO batteries or any other lithium batteries or devices containing lithium batteries in checked baggage of any type.

FAA Lithium Battery Regulations

The major airlines list rules for lithium batteries on their websites.

All orders will be shipped within 1 business day of order receipt unless you are notified otherwise.  All orders through EXP PRO are free of shipping charge.  Since this a Lithium battery, we are only allowed to ship via ground transportation using Fedex shipping.

Versatile Connection ports

Featuring a 12V-10A port, providing 10-14 nights of CPAP power, alongside both small and large Anderson ports for versatile connectivity. Equipped with built-in MPPT, it supports solar panel charging via the small Anderson plug (12-24V/4.2A), ensuring efficient energy intake.

Safe and stable

LifePO4 batteries offer superior stability in extreme conditions compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries, making them a safer and more reliable choice.


I bought this for my mom since she uses a CPAP machine and sometimes she experiences power outages. I wanted to get her something that worked really well and was durable. She has told me that she's used the battery a few times and she loves it. Her machine runs without a hitch which is exactly what I wanted.

Kaiden J.

My wife and I were able to run both our resmed airminis three and one half nights on a full...charge. We have now used it on two camping trips, the first we started at full charge and ran two CPAPs for two nights without re-charging, and it ran perfectly. And this last weekend we started at roughly half charge, charged a couple hours from our cars dc 12v cigarette lighter using the supplied cable, and then it ran our CPAPs each night just fine. That is 3 nights charging a couple hours each day from a car. It is expensive, but this is now the forth battery I have purchased in an effort to find a battery that would work for our needs, this one worked perfectly for what we wanted (being able to run at least two nights running two cpaps without recharging.) I wish I would have just bought this one first.


This battery has run my machine and charged my phone for 8 nights. That’s without the humidifier. And it’s not totally run down yet. I charged my phone on it the 9th night.

Craig R.