Jeff's Antarctica Expedition

Jeff's Antarctica Expedition

Photographer, Jeff Stasney documented some of explorer Robert Swan's excursion across the South Pole this winter in Antarctica (Jeff Stasney pictured below).

Robert is the only man to walk across both the south and north poles. 

Jeff is a CPAP user and took our 48PRO with him on this incredible adventure.  

When returning, Jeff commented - “your battery worked great, even in the cold”.

He used the EXP PRO solar panel to charge up his battery during the day. 

Thank you, Jeff for your trust in EXP PRO batteries to handle the elements and ensure needed rest for this incredible journey.



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  • Christopher Loiselle

    I recently purchased your 48PRO for use for my travel Z22 brand CPAP. I planned on using it along with the solar panel as needed just like Jeff Stanley for austere environments as I recently accepted a position on a newly created disaster response team as a VA registered nurse. Now they are telling me I may not qualify as they need to have me not electricity dependent. I explained the equipment I have including using Jeff’s example that I am capable of responding. I was wondering if Jeff has any advice or could be contacted to help me gain a waiver for me to continue in this role?

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